In today's society lives with the presence of mobile devices. How can help people have life easy and simple, so people have time to focus on what's really important in their lives. We've built up over a series of application products. Miyotee, one of the our flagship product. Miyotee help people easily organize your work, daily events.
Beemindz was founded and began developing apps in 2014.
Our apps have been downloaded many times worldwide.

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What Is Miyotee?

miyotee Miyotee is remembering the applications work, daily events, reminders as you need.
miyotee Miyotee not only makes people effortlessly stay organized but also makes sure that they never miss important things.
miyotee With simple features, users can fully grasp easy to use. Miyotee has been one of the most popular notepad apps in the mobile market.

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Miyotee towards simple applications easy to use.
The current version with just the simple functions.
miyotee Creating new task simple.
miyotee See the list of task with the familiar colored bands.
miyotee Details, edit a task.
miyotee Miyotee dialog will remind, inform you about task, if you allow.
The next version:
miyotee The job, your task is not afraid of being lost for any reason, Miyotee will synchronization, data store your confidential data to the server.
miyotee Allows you to share your work on facebook.
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Add tasks easily

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Overview your daily agenda

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Interface nice easy to use

Let's live together MIYOTEE.

Let use Miyotee now to feel.

You can access Google Play to download. 


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